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UX Research & Design

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Agile Software Methodology

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Leadership & Empathy



(Instructor to Engineers, Designers, Business Partners)

BAPA LEAD, Digital Transformation Environment (DTE) Advisor, Agile Principles, User Centered Design Principles, Personas, Active Listening, Interviewing Users, Usability Testing, Remote Team Building, Design Studio Workshop


VMWare Pivotal Labs

(Pairing Engagement onsite in Chicago)

Partnership with VMWare Pivotal Labs to match proven product development methods with modern technology—and revitalize software design and development. Focus on validating concepts and quickly building software that creates incredible customer experiences.



The MathWorks

(Instructor to Engineers, Designers, Business Partners)

Agile Research and Functional Design Principles, User Centered Design Principles, User Research, Prioritization Methods, CARD Workshop, Design Studio Workshop



Harvard University Extension School

DGMD E-599 – Capstone Design Studio

(Guest Speaker on UX Portfolios and Careers)

This capstone course is designed for students whose research projects focus on web development with a focus on front-end design. Students apply knowledge and skills obtained in the program to design a significant individual project in a collaborative environment. At the end of the semester, they make a formal oral presentation to their peers and visiting faculty.


Fisher College (Boston)

CS234 – Website Design and Development

(Adjunct Instructor)

This course covers topics on HTML, web forms, scripting, graphic-user interface design, and various file graphic formats for the web. Students will develop a professional website and publish their project on the internet. Website security, site analysis, version control, document validation, and page analysis are also covered.

CS115 – Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 

(Adjunct Instructor)

This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop. Students will explore the usage of the software to manipulate and expand photographic expression. Students will develop technical skills relative to pixel-based software usage and image editing and will be required to produce high-quality prints for projects and assignments.


Maryville University (STL)

ISYS 120 – Storyboarding Apps

(Adjunct Instructor)

Storyboarding is a visual way of designing, and testing, an application’s user interface prior to any development activities. This course introduces storyboarding while simultaneously teaching fundamental app development concepts, such as programming, and tying them together into small applications. Students will work on project teams to iteratively design an application while gaining experience using industry standard tools for designing app user interfaces and building real applications.


Northeastern University (Boston)

DGM 6145 – Information Technology and the Creative Practice

(Adjunct Instructor)

Explores interdisciplinary methodologies that promote creativity and stimulate innovative thinking. Information technology (IT) has formed a powerful alliance with art and design to establish the existing new domain of information technology and creative practices (ITCP). The result is an astonishing variety of significant cultural and economic forms ranging from innovative product designs to interactive art installations. Uses case studies and emphasizes the design, planning, and implementation of innovative prototypes.